Technical / Test Capability

Test Capability

ACM Composite Bearings have various on-site testing capabilities.

Our journal test rig is designed to replicate a water lubricated stern tube system and is based around a 50 mm shaft and a 2:1 L:D ratio. The bearing on test can be loaded up to 1,500 N with a variable shaft speed up to 1,700 rpm. This type of approved test rig is unavailable to many third party composite manufacturers. In addition to stern tube bearing testing the rig can optionally be run dry with varying pressures and speeds to replicate many different applications.

Also on-site is an articulation rig designed to replicate reciprocating motion found in rudder systems or machinery joints. Testing is performed on a 100 mm diameter bearing segment at various pressures and speeds, with different operating environments.

Where test facilities are not available on-site, ACM works closely with local universities and testing laboratories.