Markets / Offshore


ACM Composite Bearings has been supplying composite bearings to the offshore industry for many years and continues to successfully supply many of the major equipment manufacturers.

Due to their excellent mechanical, physical and bearing characteristics ACM materials are ideally suited for the offshore industry where reliability, long life, limited maintenance and zero down time are of paramount importance. In addition to their intrinsic bearing properties the ACM range of materials also have the distinct advantage of resisting marine growth, cathodic chalking and bimetallic corrosion making them the ideal bearing solution.

The ACM range of materials can operate under dry, grease, sea water or oil lubrication and can be used against many different mating surfaces including hardened steel, stainless steel; chrome plated steel, nitrided surfaces and many other corrosion resistant surfaces. Additionally it has been shown that the wear of the ACM range of materials is considerably less than other plastic type materials and with minimal surface damage to the counter face a longer life can be achieved.


  • Deck equipment
  • Crane bearings and slides
  • Winch bearings
  • Stern rollers
  • Launch systems
  • Fairlead rollers
  • Pipe rack support
  • Drill rigs & ships
  • Inspection lifts
  • Shark jaw bearings
  • ROV submersibles