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Introducing ACM TriboGrades

In conjunction with the company rebrand to ACM Composite Bearings and the launch of our new website, we are refreshing the old L-grade names with new Tribo-prefixed brand names. For ACM Composite Bearings this is another step forward for the company, but rather than revolution they are an evolution of their existing well known grade designations; aiming to be familiar to our partners and customers.

The ACM range of materials remain the same as always; exhibiting low friction, low wear, high compressive strength and very low moisture absorption; encompassing speciality high temperature, very low friction, chemical resistant and extra high strength variations. As you know, these materials are designed specifically to replace traditional metal based bearings, to give low wear and therefore longer life together with other technical advantages. In most cases the application of ACM’s non-metallic materials can eliminate the requirement for regular lubrication.

ACM L2 Marine

ACM L2 Marine is retaining its name for approval purposes. ACM L2 Marine is specifically formulated for the marine environment and has been successfully installed on approximately 7,000 vessels around the world. It is, of course, approved for rudder applications and indeed is the only composite material approved to operate as a rudder bearing in wet and dry conditions at bearing pressures up to 10 MPa.

ACM TriboTex 3

The ACM TriboTex 3 (formerly L3) range was specifically developed for low to medium load bearing and slide pad applications for excavation and construction equipment, bush bearings for quarry machinery, and slide pads for logistics handling equipment.

ACM TriboTex 7

The ACM TriboTex 7 (formerly L7) range of materials is the companies’ most popular, successful and trusted range with applications in almost every environment when tailored with the correct additives and applied correctly. It has been successfully applied across all industries, including anchor handling systems, stern rollers, turbine bearings, wicket gates, tidal power generation, fish locks, spherical bearings and lock gates.

TriboTex 7 is proving to be the ideal material for pump bearings and hydropower applications, with a prominent manufacture specifying this material for all of its vertical pumps; including upper, lower and intermediate bearings with diameters ranging from 50 mm up to 400 mm. Additionally a leading hydropower equipment manufacturer has scored ACM TriboTex 7 material first in an intensive and comprehensive comparative test against four competitor materials.

With the change to TriboTex 7 we are also bringing the L1 and L4 range of materials under the same umbrella. L4 materials have been replaced with TriboTex 7, and L1 materials have been upgraded to meet the TriboTex 7 specification with no detriment to the customer.

ACM TriboTex 11

ACM TriboTex 11 (formerly L11 Red) is our roller material, specifically developed for large wall sections and excellent at supporting a constant shear load over a wide temperature range.





ACM TriboTemp

When it comes to high temperature applications, the TriboTemp range of composite materials can operate up to 200°C; ACM TriboTemp 10 (formerly L10) incorporates modern aramid fabrics and a specialist resin to give improved temperature performance whilst retaining the low friction properties of the standard TriboTex range.

ACM TriboTemp 20 (formerly L20) takes a different approach; utilising a relatively low tech natural fibre to cope with temperatures up to 180°C continuously or 200°C intermittently and has applications as diverse as steel mills, nuclear power plants, palm oil processing and rail.

ACM TriboTough

The ACM TriboTough 10 material (formerly L10K) uses further cloth advancements to provide the same improved temperature performance of TriboTemp 10 in conjunction with the highest compressive strength of any polyester based composite. Applications include face seals and high impact environments such as construction vehicles.

ACM TriboChem

Whilst the standard materials are compatible with most mediums, ACM TriboChem 11 (formerly L11) materials offer improved resistance against extremes of alkali or acid levels over other grades in the ACM range.

ACM TriboGlide

Another popular, well proven and successful material, the ACM TriboGlide 15 (formerly L15) range of materials offers the lowest dry running friction of the ACM Composites’ range, with coefficients as low as 0.04 possible.

ACM TriboGlide 15 materials are very successful in offshore applications, such as launch systems, tow pins, winches, cranes, anchor handling and mooring systems and also in hydropower applications such as guide vane bearings, main turbine bearings and packages. A recent independent test by a prominent hydropower manufacturer proved that TriboGlide 15 materials offer superior friction properties when compared to our competitors.

ACM TriboGuide & TriboTape

ACM TriboGuide materials are used for standard wear rings for use as rod and piston guides for medium to heavy duty hydraulic cylinders. The range includes both polyester and cotton phenolic composites.

ACM TriboTape materials (formerly L14) are used to manufacture standard bearing strips which are intended to form large wear rings. Lengths of 5 m long enable cylinder diameters in excess of 1.5 m to be fitted in just one complete wear ring.

Self lubricating and more…

All ACM grades are still available with a variety of additives to tailor the properties to particular environments and applications. There are minor changes in terminology, for example plain materials will now use the suffix N for natural.

The transition from L-Grades to TriboGrades will be gradual, so rest assured that in the meantime we can carry on as normal and the ACM engineering team is on hand to assist. If you have any queries or questions, please contact ACM Composite Bearings.